The Office of Tourism and Convention Bureau

The administrative address of the Tourism and Convention Bureau of Antibes Juan-les-Pins is 60 chemin des Sables – 06160 Juan-les-Pins
To reach the offices by phone: + 33.(0)
Fax : +33.(0)

The Reception Desk
The reception desk service includes 8 permanent visit advisors overseen by Mrs Patricia JEANCLOS, department manager and Quality manager.

Laurence Coquery manage the ticket office and the boutique.

The director
To join the director, Mr Philippe BAUTE, please contact his assistant Mrs Annie BEAUJOIN, who is also the Quality coordinator:
To join the Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Animation, Mr Audouin RAMBAUD, please contact his assistant Miss Stéphanie MUSSETTI:

Mrs Nathalie BAUTE, department manager. Purchase of advertising space of all kind and management of our events’ communication. Management of the advertising production of our editions: maps, various brochures.
Mrs Maryline BAILLY, assistant. Content for paper guides (accommodation, restaurants, shopping and leisure), managing websites and graphic design. For photo requests, please fill the necessary form in the tab “document request”.
Mr Renaud DUMENIL, event communication manager. Collecting informations and writing the « Month in Antibes Juan-les-Pins », culture columns of Infos Mag, writing texts for various brochures and programmes edited by the Tourism Office. Sometimes participates on different media supports and PR.

M. Simon LERAY- Community Manager

She manages the social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She keeps track permanently of everything said online for the Tourism Office and Jazz à Juan. She coordinates with China our presence on their social media (Weibo, WeChat).

Mr Patrice GATTI, department manager. Setting up and managing events organised by the Tourism Office. Recruiting staff for these events and managing the locations for the events.

Sales and partnerships

Mrs Michèle Bosq
Managing partnerships with different companies based on goods exchange and/or patronage.
Organising and managing the companies’ evenings (VIP) during Jazz à Juan.

Promoting the destination (accommodation, restaurants, cultural, sports and leisure activities, theme parks, conference rooms, …) for both leisure and business tourism.
Mrs Laure PELLETIER, department manager,

Managing regional, national and international press. Organising cultural press trips, leisure and business tourism.
Mrs Béatrice Di Vita, head of press:
Miss Lucy Howard, press assistant:
Miss Cecilia Cristiani :

• Philippe Baute
General director of the Tourism and Convention Bureau
• Jean-Pierre Derail
Director of operations of the Convention Centre
Tel : 33(0)4-22-10-60-43

Sales department
•Clément Courtois
Business development officer
Tel : 33(0)4-22-10-60-17
•Loraine Maumy
Project manager
Tel : 33(0)4-22-10-60-24

 •Fanny Sirop-Gauthier
Convention coordinator – sales assistant
Tél : 33(0)4-22-10-60-45

Unit management
• Patrice Gatti
Stage/Overall manager
Tel : 33(0)4-22-10-60-22
  • Stéphane Sultan
 Tel : 33(0)4-22-10-60-23
 • Axel Provensal
Sound, lightning and operations technician
Tel: 33(0)4-22-10-60-28
 • Anne-Sophie Duvernet
Administrative assistant
Tél : 33(0)4-22-10-60-37

Convention management and hotel booking
Katerine Ducharlet
Head of convention management
Tél : 33(0)4-22-10-60-30

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